Forensic Computer Examinations

iCF has the capability of conducting forensically sound computer investigations in a range of areas including.

  • Ransomware response & recovery
  • Intellectual property theft
  • Email investigation & tracing
  • Misconduct assessments

Utilising specific forensic tools iCF can examine any digital media & provide reports & advice on the best course of action.

Data Acquisition & Recovery

iCF has the ability to acquire data from computer systems & storage devices in a forensically sound manner for clients or for submission to a third party for further investigation. The acquisition comes with a chain of custody & run sheet to provide a full outline of the actions taken to verify the information's authenticity & integrity.

iCF is also capable of assisting clients with the recovery of data that may have been deleted either accidentally of maliciously. Utilising specialist tools iCF can recover data that is not available through normal Operating System functions.

Consulting Services

Want to know more about the computer forensic field? Want to know how digital forensics can affect your business? iCF offers information sessions & consulting services which are designed to educate clients on the protection of their data & other topics.