Welcome to Insight Computer Forensics (iCF), a Perth based business dedicated to providing cost effective and professional computer forensic services.

With the ever increasing use of digital devices & the Internet in everyday life, your data can be accessed and compromised easier than you might imagine.

In this digital world iCF can assist in a variety of ways. Please see the services section for what iCF can do for you.


_ Forensic Computer Examinations

Whether it be intellectual property theft, misconduct assessment, email investigations, fraud investigations, or any other digital scenario, iCF specialises in providing a professional service that will meet your demands and requirements.

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_ Data Acquisition & Recovery

iCF offers services to clients who require the safe and forensically sound acquisition of digital evidence from a range of different media. iCF also offers clients a data recovery service for when data is lost and needs to be retrieved.

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_ Consulting Services

iCF offers consultation services to clients to educate them on the computer forensics field. Take advantage of this service to better understand how computer forensics affects your everyday life and data

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